Blue Sky Events

Hello and welcome to 2014!

Blue Sky is coming into some big changes! First up we have changed locations, we are very excited to be partnering with Snow College! The camp will be held at Snow College in Ephraim this year. Because of this substantial change and with generous help from our sponsors and Snow College the price of the camp has been altered, but the new cost also reflects housing and meals completely included! Snow College is definitely not in the Salt Lake area and we want to offer an affordable experience that makes it more convenient for parents as well. The structure of the camp is changing as well (although not drastically), we are trying to improve the experience for students and offer more education and entertainment options. There will be more details about this information coming soon and as new partnerships and opportunities arise. We are very excited about these changes and opportunities! Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns and keep checking facebook and the website for more details.

We look forward to seeing you at Blue Sky this year!

Sam Runolfson



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