Blue Sky Is Back for 2016!

Blue Sky at MAT Camp! July 11-15. Held at Evanston High School, in Evanston, Wyoming

Blue Sky will be happening at MAT Camp again this summer with an all-star staff. Tuition is only $135. The lodging plan starts at only $80. Blue Sky is more affordable than ever! Register for the core Blue Sky program where you learn technique for your instrument, be in a band that performs, and learn the business. It’s the ultimate camp experience that professionals wish they would have had when they were learning the ropes.  Fiddle, cello & bass, banjo & mando, guitar & vocals, piano- what’s your instrument?   Choose your elective classes from the expansive MAT Camp catalog- Jazz band, art, theater and 50 other classes to choose from. You decide! Blue Sky participants register on the regular MAT Camp website Click here to register now!




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